School of Food Science and Technology (PPSTM) was established in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) and endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2002. It began its operations in November 2002/2003 academic session with the name of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Science (FASM). In December 2013, FASM was renamed. Now, it is known on the School of Food Science and Technology (PPSTM). PPSTM has a goal to provide academic training and research in agro technology and food science disciplines to meet the needs of professionals and trained human resources for the country and region.

PPSTM currently offers four degree programs for undergraduate and two postgraduate level programs.


First Degree programs of study are:

  • Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service and Nutrition) / 4 years of study


  • Bachelor of Food Science  (Food Technology) / 4 years of study  


  • Bachelor of Science  Agrotechnology (Crop Science) / 4 years of study     


  • Bachelor of Science Agrotechnology (Postharvest Technology) / 3 years of study   


* Advanced Degree Program are:

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) – minimum 2 years of study


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – minimum 3 years of study


 The School of Food Science and Technology is located in the main campus of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Mengabang Telipot, 25 kilometers from Kuala Terengganu Town and 10 km from the Sultan Mahmud Airport.


PPSTM objectives are:

  • Focusing on sustainable research and management aspects of agricultural production and food technology that are capable of enhancing the production of food sources and generate economic development more sustainable.
  • Producing professional human resource who are knowledgeable and skilled in the civic leadership and have good values.
  • Creating Entrepreneurs and professionals in the agro-industrial crops, livestock, aquaculture, life-enhancing resources and food management through the integration of elements of IT, business, management, science and technology.
  • Providing advice and ideas to interested groups such as fishermen, farmers, industry and society.


Any information concerning the study program may contact the address below:

Department of Management Academic
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
21030 Kuala Terengganu
Terengganu Darul Iman
Tel: 09-668 4532/4219
Fax: 09-668 4143

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